25 years creative professional. Lover of books, chess, photography, design, marketing and advertising. Father to the greatest son in the world. 

Creative Brief & Brand Refresh

Example of a simple creative brief for a client. I make it a point to use plain spoken language with briefs. I leave out the marketing and branding jargon, I also leave out the en vogue catch phrases.

My approach to brand design, is more cerebral based as opposed to trend based. A copy of Photoshop and Illustrator does not a good designer make. I research my client's base demographics,  I research their competitors. 

I believe the below brand refresh for Improvements Catalog, is a prime example of where
a cerebral, thoughtful, approach is better than throwing every cliche, and trendy design technique at a client and hoping something sticks. 

• Typeface takes a cleaner, more modern approach 
• The use of the tag line I believe, drives the brand message
• The I becomes the focal point of the brand. 

• The I at closer inspection speaks to the message of the brand, it reiterates the tagline.
There are in fact two I’s in the brand: an outside I and an inside I

“Improvements...for your home, inside and out”

• The I is also a pillar or a column for the foundation of a home, not just any home butan Improvements Catalog home. 

• It signifies strength, stability, security with a touch of grace and classic elegance. 


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Harrisburg, PA


Michael is sickeningly creative and extremely easy to work with. His enthusiasm and technical proficiency helped ensure all of our projects were completed seamlessly. He is a true professional.
— Eric Fasser, Director of Marketing, Ames True Temper
Michael is a very talented Creative Director with the ability to design and deliver comprehensive advertising / marketing campaigns. He has the knowledge and experience to meet rushed deadlines under tight budgets. Michael was an asset to the company and I would highly recommend him for any future Creative Director position.
— Erica Henny- Product Manager, Ames True Temper
Michael is extremely committed to the projects he takes on. He is an asset to any company. His diligence and strong work ethic is contagious, without effort he creates a positive work environment. Michael has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to creative design. I would highly recommend Michael, and I have, to many of my colleagues.
— Isabel Papakhian - VP, One West Bank
Michael’s creativity is endless, but his abilities don’t stop there. He is results-driven, customer-driven, and extremely open-minded team player, who delivers under pressure.
— JEN ALLISON- Senior Product Manager, Ames True Temper